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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Night Light, Elder, Prayer flags, Celebration of Earth Day

I could have started a fire....but my body, mind and soul were all exhausted by the days end with Mother Earth.  I'm a homebody...though I like to take little weekend trips now and then.  I think the routine of a farmer Gene runs deep in me and tending to the property has always brought such joy.   With the last bit of energy, I plugged in my lights which I have in there and snapped a picture.  Yes I can use a more natural light like a fire, which I do have a small fire pit that fits in there, but I was just to tired to get that going.  Instead came inside and watch the Movie Mr. Church with the Husband.  Great movie..about 2/3 the way through I was amazed at the way it was made with not one hints of racism...and this movie wasn't about that but how beautifully it was done...it can happen.  Another good movie we rented was Hidden Figures...full on Racism in that one...Excellent movies. 

So when your are attracted to a image and use it in a vision board and it comes time to really look at the images and question there meaning for the year...As you can see from the section of my vision board that I'm working with now for March and April....There is this Observant Elder in the bottom left hand corner. A Book Club Artist Friend of mine....works with images and she says she ask what it is they are wanting to say or tell you.  In this image she is not praying but looking out and down. Not a super happy face on her.  This is what I hear...."You are coming to a point in your life where you need to be comfort just observing life at times."  "Allowing it to be what it is and allowing it to pass as it will."  "There is a sacredness and heighten spiritually when one practices this..." What I also notice is the bracelet she is wearing.   A few beads of white...possibly on leather?  The longer I look at her I see concern and some uncertainty...but she still is just observing. 
 What can I learn from this? 
 Well this is not something I do naturally at all...always filling my time, and not allowing open spaces to observe.  Daydream...being comfort in my own skin in the moment and allowing life to be life and taking a break. Not sure but They Say it's good to Know thyself and I see this as a journey to do. 

This is my section of my vision board that I'm working with...I know I'm rambling on about it...I have about 25 flags to do out of 60 to pray and print on yet...which I'm using the gelli plates on....So this week I'll be working on finishing those up and to work on a founding book for a Creative Retreat Day planned in October with a Great Yoga Instructor, myself for the creative part and my daughter for a Peace talk at the end...thinking and planning ahead.  

I've got to work out the steps for this little accordion book that will be made.  Stations set up and for them-students to move around and add to their book....with all kinds of art materials and mediums. So the play and planning begin for me this week  as I have a deadline of Friday...when I meet up with Kim K....

Dropped off a big piece of Art at Osio Brown's to be photographed and scanned...got some plans for that I'll share soon. 

Back to the back yard today...got some area's that I didn't tend to much last year that really are calling to be cleared out this year. 

Spent Yesterday very close to the Earth..so grateful, renewed my spirit for sure. Great Natural Therapy too, keeps this Artist in the giggle joyful mood. 😂

On Friday I walked the edge of the Dale Basin across from our home....Happy to say that only two bags were collected, mostly plastic with two beer cans and a few plastic bottles and some styrofoam sheets plus fast food containers, cups and lids with straws...

"Let our uncertainty settle in the earth for the spring will grow again." 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Anderson boat house, Cave Point WI

OK so you caught me....

Never know when you need a reference of a tree roots...

This is a site....it was drizzly and the water was splashing pretty hard against the limestone cliff area where the cave is underneath... 

Took a quick movie of Randy on the other side of the points here...it was wet and I was a bit scared, he wanted me to keep looking....Oh no didn't want to fall in....

Work is dropped off at Woodwalk Gallery

Monday, April 17, 2017

Painting the tipi....process

With the space at Naperville Art League I was able to spread out the tipi canvas and trace the design. Last tipi I did it in my studio and that was a challenge.  This made it a heck of a lot easier.  Thank you Naperville Art League.
My red poster board templates for the design.
Pulling from these images off the internet as inspiration.

I begin the stenciling and tracing process, crawling on the floor...
Feather stencils 
Up in the studio starting begin February,  the clouds were painted and then blue sky.

Ode'd to the blue sky and white clouds.

The color red orange has been in my vision board so I'm pulling on that resource as choices to make for the colors.  Orange line  and the black and white squares. 

Hard to take picture of the tipi in process so laying it over a table and dragging it across to the area I can paint and letting dry as I go...or I end up flipping it over on itself and wet paint all over the place...though that did happen in a few places. 
The starting of the beads...I liked the way the one photo above with the feather hang had the beads...so here they are. 
And the feather begin to hang.

Hard to take good photos   so many angles....but you can see them all forming in patterns. 
Beginning the bottom half with the large triangles in all the colors of the rainbow that I picked out. 
One triangle at a time...and keep scooting along. 

It was rewarding to get to the point of the front door on this tipi,  I had ideas and to see it all play out was delightful. Got me a bit giddy too.

I like my black...which I heard it's a power color and a color to hide behind...so this year with my vision board and this tipi...I brought out the color and black. 

The spring growth is started around the tipi...I have to say the canvas fits better but the flaps are a bit smaller then the last one I had...kind of miss the larger flaps...I think if the African elephants and the Asian elephants...that's what the flap different is from the old used one I had to this newer one...but then maybe I don't have as good a memory any more. LOL...

Front view though the Lilac bushes that are starting green up.  I look at and I'm tickled and can't believe it but it's real as I stand...Not sure what will happen in there this year but it's completed.  My thoughts about our environment, economy and future were painted out in every brush stroke. And holding the paint brushed day after day, week after week...I established Digit  thumb. Where the thumb clicks in a few places because a nodule forms on the tendon...which became swollen and painful...I caught it early and had to have a steroid shot in their to help it heal faster...not the most fun thing. But the Thumb in on the mend and the tipi is done.....Thank for reading my ramble about a personal project.   I've had many people ask me why do you have a tipi?   It has been a dream for a long time and it came true a few years ago and well not I have a new one.  I have had drumming circles, I do morning yoga and Hank and I spend the summer afternoons reading and napping with a few overnighters too. It's my Woman Hut...as men have a Man Cave....

 Just to let you know...tipi is spelt many ways...tipi...which in how the company that I purchased the tipi from spells it...White Buffalo Lodges   or Tepe...or Teepee...so pick one. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Glues...what's that all about?

Water...too much or too little makes a big difference in the reactive effect to the papers you use.

If you have paste glues it will not soak in as fast  but if you have wet glues with more water in them it will soak into your paper source which the reactive effects with that is like a sponge.  It will expand and with no were to go but to curly. did you ever wonder about that?  why paper curls and wrinkles in the glue process.

Does this matter...sure it does.  If you just gluing some thing you found along your day into your sketch book you might want to use a glue stick...fast and the right product for the job.   Will it be permanent?

Probably not but for a sketchbook the spontaneity of the moment lends itself to the raw edges and the imperfect application.  Not sure if you every picked up a sketchbook that has been really used...there is a sacredness. It's like you've capture the moment with the artist or creative maker.  I'm a romantic for a good trashy art journal.  

So what if you want to use old books and papers from long time ago....that paper might be made from different plant fibers...like the parts of the inner bark of a tree and when processed to make paper it's already in a major state of decomposing...so when adding glues to the papers to glue down..it's good to be aware of this if you want to put in to find art then you will want to kind of preserve it a little and seal in the decomposing parts against other papers...Coat them with acrylic mediums can preserve them..not for every but longer then our life time for sure. 

Some use natural Methyl cellulose a plant base, won't rot or attract bugs.  Bugs...who needs to worry about bugs...Oh we might want to be aware of their antics. Some eat what ever taste good.  I've heard of people making a natural glue and adding wintergreen oils in there to help detour the little critters.   the Methyl Cellulose is a natural adhesive. 

What if you wanted to really get serious about gluing papers and making some artwork.    Well not proud of it but using an acrylic medium of sorts is an artist product and it's made to last a long time. (acrylic mediums are made from oil which is made into a plastic product and used in acrylic mediums for artists)  Despite that it's a wet glue and will soak into the papers and the dry paper like shared above will want to expand.   This is why serious artist that want more control over their papers and the after effect of gluing will first coat the papers- both side with any acrylic medium and the surface they plan on working on. After the papers calm down and dry then they will have a coat on them so when you really get ready you can glue them down have more control over the way the papers relax on the surface they are glued to.....Lots of stuff to think and know about just to glue papers right...?

The way I look at it is to be aware of the items you are using will be most helpful for the end results you are trying to achieve. 

If interested in a list of glues and what they are good for I've saved it for you Here- Glue List

We will be talking about this all today in Open Studio at Mayslake Peabody...where I teach. 

Know your mediums and tools you use is important but to get to know them better,  I say let's play around and sometimes break the rules...get to know them and why but then take risks and test the limits of the products and yourself. 

Prayer Flags

Still continuing my personal Creative Question....hard some times but oh so cool.  I'm envisioning the end results...I just want to see the winds and how these prayers and flags will be let go and become one with all around it...I'm sure the frayed edges will be use for some nest....

Well best get a move on~  Life is Calling and Answering to it is where I want to be.

P.S.  my thumb received a steroid shot-Dang that hurt, and now it is on the mend....I'll try not to abuse the tools (hands)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Getting art ready...Video Chat and hand doctor...OMGosh~

Road trip this weekend... Kind of excited, haven't been up to door count since last year.  When I dropped off artwork at Ginnie's Capparet Contemporary Gallery...this year I've been accepted at Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor WI.   Never know what is a good fit when it comes to Galleries.

So you try them out right and see what happens.  The hardest part is picking out the work, the gallery has a idea of what they would like of you work and you have an idea of what you would like to show...this is when I want someone to come in and tell what to do...well, call it a bit of fear...will I pick up the Right Pieces....well once I lay them out and make a mess of things as of bring things out of storage and unwrapping them and setting them next to each other...then the magic happens...God Help me with this and then I start picking.

The files need to be made of information that will go with it, images, statement, CV's and or Resume's, inventory list and making sure you have you commission's correct on the work.

That's today's agenda....along with a Zoom Meeting...excited to learn about the video chatting...shoot need to get a shower in and look good...lol... and I got an appointment to have a hand doctor look at my right thumb that is clicking and swollen and sore...falling apart....the tipi did me in...

this little one is heading up to WI...